About Sag Harbor Rum

Handcrafted on the eastern end of Long Island, Sag Harbor Rum’s distinguished flavor is the result of being aged in old bourbon barrels and lightly infused with a blend of spices, fruits and other natural flavors. This unique combination is inspired by the practice of old whaling ships storing the rum in barrels that had previously been used for coffee, exotic spices and fruit.


The result is unusually smooth rum, or what we like to call “a sipping rum”, that is perfect to drink neat, on the rocks or in a wide variety of cocktails.

Where To Buy

Sag Harbor Rum is only in New York & Pennsylvania in selected fine restaurants, bars and liquor stores (not to mention a few colorful ones). If you would like to carry Sag Harbor Rum, please contact us and we will let you know how you can stock SHR.

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How to Order the rum in Pennsylvania

Drink Recipes

With its robust flavor, Sag Harbor Rum is a great drink straight up, on the rocks or perfect for a cocktail. A few ideas:

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How To Contact Sag Harbor Rum

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