How to Order Sag Harbor Rum in Pennsylvania

As the rum is not an on shelves yet, you must order it SLO ("Special Liquor Order"). To do this, you have to ask for it by name (Sag Harbor Rum 80 Proof) and/or item number (549903) at your local liquor store.

Sag Harbor Rum 80 Proof - Item Number: 549903

  1. Tell the PLCB representative, either at the store or on the telephone, your name, address and phone number, and the product codes and quantities of the items you want to order. If you're ordering by phone, you also need to select a PLCB store location where you want to pick up your order when it arrives.
  2. Pay a 50% deposit on the total order value. This can be done using any accepted method of payment at a store, or by credit card over the phone.
  3. Wait until your order arrives in one or two weeks (usually, but it can be as much as six weeks if you order something really weird). The store will call you when your products arrive and you can pick them up. If you ordered in person, you should bring all the paperwork they gave you when you placed the order.
  4. At the store, go to the cashier and tell them you're picking up a "retail SLO" and give them your last name. They'll locate your order and ring up the remaining balance, along with any other items you might want to purchase off the store shelves.